SN Session Event Date UNIT Name EVENT Name Description
1 2022-2023 05-06-2022 DHAMTARI Poster & Painting Competition on World Environment Day Painting competition was organized in two categories.Junior Category (below 15 years old), with the theme - Me and My Environment Senior category (above 15 years) with the theme Carbon Free India. Participants including Mokshada Sahu, Harshvardhan Sahu, Sanskriti Gupta, Kavita Jain, Labdhi Jain, Archana Munjwani, Vidhi Jain, Hardik Jain, Aastha Saheb, Samridhi Gupta, Bhavya Mahavar, Aaradhya Shri Rajput etc. participated in this competition. Drawings made by the participants were judged by Chairman Yogesh Gupta, President Hukumchand Jain and Treasurer Venkateshwar Sahu and the paintings were selected for the first and second positions.
2 2021-2022 21-12-2021 DHAMTARI One Day Trekking and Training Program at KUANMAARI , Keshkaal on 21.12.2021 YHAI Dhamtari Unit of CG State organised one day trekking & training program to KUAMAARI near Keshkaal. Around 60 members of Youth Hostels Dhamtari were present in the program. Dhamtari MLA Ms. Ranjana Deependra Sahu flagged off the bus on 21.12.2021 at 7.30 am. On this occasion, She encouraged the members of the organization for continuous operation of activities like trekking and environment conservation. The unit of Youth Hostels is active in the city for last 22 years and its members have been constantly attracting their attention with new activities. The president of the organization, Hukumchand Jain, thanked the MLA for her cooperation.Chairman Yogesh Gupta told that they visited KUAMARI waterfall then had a trekking program. After trekking they visited tatamari resort and had lunch. State Chairman and State Secretary and all other National Council members congratulated the team for the grand success of the program.
3 2021-2022 22-10-2021 DHAMTARI Night Trekking cum Training program in Rudreshwar Temple premises on the moonlight night of Sharad Purnima 22.10.2021 YHAI Dhamtari Unit CG state organized Night Trekking cum Training program in Rudreshwar Temple premises on the moonlight night of Sharad Purnima. On this occasion, Amrit Kheer was also distributed in the bright light of the moon consisting of sixteen arts.The chairman Dhamtari unit, Yogesh Gupta told that the unit organizes Sharadotsav every year. Senior member Ramesh dev told that, The members of Youth Hostels first went to old age home and provided food to old age home people. By interacting with them, the members created unforgettable happy moments of their life. After that everyone had dinner and got acquainted with the new members. On this occasion, people showed their talent and personality by sharing their experiences of singing songs, poetry and activities of youth hostels. The newly joined members were made aware of the activities of Youth Hostels. State Chairman Sandeep Seth and Secretary K. Subramanyam congratulated the members for the successful completion of the program.
4 2021-2022 29-08-2021 DHAMTARI One day Monsoon trek on 29.08.2021(Sunday) at Parry Ghumar, District Gariaband Chhattisgarh. YHAI CG state branch jointly with Dhamtari Unit CG State organised 1 day monsoon trek on 29.08.2021(Sunday) @Parry Ghumar , District Gariaband Chhattisgarh. Around 70 participants participated in this program from various units Dhamtari, Raipur, Korba, Bhilai and Bilaspur. The program was organised by Mr. Ramesh Dev, APC, CG State along with Mr. Yogesh Gupta, Chairman, Dhamtari Unit, and Mr. Hukum Chand Jain, Program Coordinator. The team visited Rajim, Holy place of Hindus and took blessings @ Rajiv Lochan Temple, and then the team visited Bhuteshwar Nath Temple at Gariaband District where Asia longest SHIV-LING is there and is increasing naturally. Then after, team had a trek of around 3 KM in dense forest and reached Parry Ghoomer spot. Participants had Breakfast, Lunch and Evening tea at various spots. Program ended with Certificate distribution. The State members present in the program were Sandeep Seth(Chairman), K Subramanyam( Secretary), Satish Shukla ( Org. Secretary), Sunil Visnoi (NC Member), Shailesh Shukla(NC Member) Ramesh Dev (APC), Shailendra Namdeo (EPC), Yogesh Gupta(Chairman-Dhamtari Unit). Program was organised as per the protocols of COVID-19.
5 2021-2022 13-06-2021 DHAMTARI SAPLING PLANTATION AT KESHKAL GHATI ON 13.06.2021 Keshkal: The dreamer of the Valley of Flowers and the environmentalist of the city, senior doctor Dr. L. N. This virtuous work was completed under the guidance of Mahavar. Dr. Mahawar said that motivated by his social responsibilities, he is continuously doing this work of planting seeds at the time of arrival of monsoon with the help of youth hostels for the past many years. They believe that with year after year efforts, our hard work will pay off and one day the Keshkal valley will surely turn into a valley of flowers.Chairman of the organization Yogesh Gupta said that, the saplings of Ratrani, Cosmos, Sadasuhagan, Red Lily, Marigold, Sunflower, Jamun, Belphal, Chhind, Sitaphal, Guava and Mango were planted enthusiastically by the members. Senior member Hukumchand Jain said that for the last four years, our efforts are now visible in the form of various flowering plants and fruit trees in the valley.Ramesh Dev, a member of the state level environment cell, said that youth hostels get a different pleasure in coming to the Keshkal valley every year for tree plantation and seeding before the rainy season. It seems as if we are trying to fulfill our obligation towards nature.According to active member Kajal Munjwani, Youth Hostels creates social environmental consciousness by planting seeds and planting different species every year during the rainy season. The organization has the same affection for trees and flowers as parents have for their children.Vishwesh Kotwani, Surendra Munjwani, Dhananjay Sonkar, Venkatesh Sahu, Dr. Devashish Hazra, Gopal Tamrakar, Mithali Dev, Kamlesh Kothari, Vivek Sheela Munjwani, Anuradha Munjwani, Rahul Gupta and other members played a commendable role in making this exemplary responsibility a success.
6 2020-2021 14-02-2021 DHAMTARI 150 METRES FLAG MARCH IN THE MEMORY OF PULWAMA MARTYR ON14.02.2021 Dhamtari. A heartfelt tribute was paid to the Pulwama martyrs under the joint aegis of Youth Hostels Association of India Dhamtari unit and Freedom Physical Training Academy Dhamtari. On this occasion, a pledge to serve the nation was also taken in the memory of the martyrs.Yogesh Gupta, President of Youth Hostels Association of India Dhamtari Unit, said that on the second death anniversary of the soldiers martyred in Pulwama attack, Youth Hostels Dhamtari, Police Training Center Dhamtari and Indian Army jointly organized 150 meter tricolor rally in association with jawans. Gaya . Yogesh Gupta, Hukumchand Jain, Manish Chandrakar, Ramesh Dev, Kajal Munjwani, Vishwesh Kotwani, Venkatesh Sahu, Rahul Gupta etc. played a commendable role in making this event a success.
7 2020-2021 19-01-2021 DHAMTARI BUTIGARH TREKKING AND TRAINING PROGRAM ON 19.01.2021 Dhamtari. One day trekking cum training was organized by Youth Hostels Association of India Dhamtari unit at Bootigarh. Where the successful experience of trekking in the dense jungle mountain was taken by 110 male and female members of all age groups. The trekkers benefited from pure natural breath in a remote location located in the Singapur Forest Range, 55 km from Dhamtari.The chairman of the organization Yogesh Gupta said that this event was successful only with the mutual cooperation of the members in forest like Bootigarh.It is a popular belief that forgetfulness is found in abundance in this area, on which the memory is lost on falling and one gets confused in the forest. Therefore vigilance becomes necessary in such rugged forests.Senior members Hukumchand Jain and Sushma Nanda told that Youth Hostels is an international organization, which introduces nature to the unseen beauty of nature along with the protection of nature at a nominal fee. Places where one cannot go alone, such inaccessible, rugged, uninhabited places can be visited only through youth hostels.According to youth hostels officials Rameshdev and Neeraj Shukla, in about 15 km trekking of Butigarh, it was found to observe various geographical forms of forest, mountain and river. In such a geographical area, discipline along with team spirit is very important for the trekkers.From eight-year-old Vaidik Sonkar and Shaurya Sahu to a fifty-five year old senior member, Chandrakant Gandhi participated in this very tiring event. In return, all the members were given a certificate of tracking cum training after availing the darshan of Chhota Shirdi Dham Kukrel.Senior members Manish Chandrakar, Kamlesh Kothari, Rajendra Bhalla, Mustafa Rangwala, Pawan Minni, Mahesh Sharma, Subodh Mahawar, Dr. Sheshnarayan Chandrakar, Dr. Rakesh Soni, Dr. Dinesh Nag, Dr. Bhupendra Soni, Dr. Dharmendra Sinha, Hemant Dekate, Dhananjay Sonkar, Anushka Shukla, Arjun Shukla, Bobby Gundecha and other members played a commendable role.
8 2020-2021 12-01-2021 DHAMTARI BLOOD DONATION ON NATIONAL YOUTH DAY 12.01.2021 Dhamtari. Youth Hostels Association of India Dhamtari unit organized a blood donation camp on National Youth Day. Inspired by the ideal formula of blood for life, this camp was organized on Tuesday, January 12 at District Hospital Dhamtari from 9 am to 2 pm.The organization's chairman Yogesh Gupta told that Kamlesh Kothari, Hemant Dekate, Subodh Mahawar, Vikas Saheb, Leelaram Sahu, Yogesh Gupta, Anil Saheb, Surendra Munjwani, Anuradha Munjwani, Kajal were in this camp organized on the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, a symbol of youth power. Munjwani, Yash Khandelwal, Viveksheela Munjwani, Dhananjay Sonkar and Subhash Sharma donated blood.Senior members of the organization Dr. Anant Dixit, Hukumchand Jain, Manish Chandrakar, Rameshdev, Vishwesh Kotwani, Naveen Sahu, Lucky Walecha, Manish Kotwani, Neeraj Sahu, Kajal Munjwani, Venkatesh Sahu, Gopal Tamarkar in this event related to the social concerns of Youth Hostels And Sagar Kaushik had a commendable role. The contribution of Surendra Munjwani and Kajal Munjwani, who donated blood in the family, was especially commendable and exemplary in this sacred event of social service.Youth Hostels Dhamtari Unit expressed gratitude and gratitude to all the colleagues in making this voluntary blood donation successful.
9 2020-2021 22-12-2020 DHAMTARI KHALLARI MATA MANDIR AND CHANDI MANDIR TREKKING ON 22.12.2020 One day trekking cum training of Youth Hostels Association of India Dhamtari unit was completed at Khallari Mata Mandir Khallari and Chandi Mata Mandir Ghunchapali Bagbahra. 52 male and female members of all age groups took part in the event and experienced trekking. The program was made successful following the guidelines of Kovid 19.Chairman Yogesh Gupta said that the first stop of the event was at Khallari Mata Temple in Khallari. Where high down the wild stony exciting place was crossed and reached the temple. The trekkers were very pleased to see Bhima Paon and Donga Pathara there.Senior member Rameshdev said that the next stop of the trek was Chandi Mata Temple, Ghunchapali Bagbahra. The main attraction here was the wild bears coming to eat the prasad in the evening aarti, which all the members were very thrilled to see. It was a different experience to see wild bears roaming freely in the open.Active members of the organization Hemant Dekate, Venkatesh Sahu and Kamlesh Kothari jointly informed that such local events of youth hostels are organized for membership campaign along with adding new members. Dr. Shesh Narayan Chandrakar told that, the members of the organization eagerly wait throughout the year for such events to be held in winters. In two or three trekking, going between nature, we forget the daily fatigue and get a new energy and heat.Vishwesh Kotwani, Dr. Abhishek Goyal, Sudarshan Gupta, Daulat Gyanchandani, Kailash Kukreja, Richa Kukreja, Manoj Lakhwani, Bhavika Lakhwani, Satram Vasani, Srishti Vasani, Kushal Chopra, Parvinder Singh Khalsa, Dr. Monika Varadani, were involved in making this event a success. All the members including Mehak Vardayani, Dr. Deepti Chandrakar, Dr. Diwakar Jaspal, Geetika Wadhwani, Yashika Wadhwani, Yash Khandelwal made commendable contributions.
10 2020-2021 20-12-2020 DHAMTARI Harphad Aroud Bike Trekking on 20.12.2020 Dhamtari. The bike trekking of Youth Hostels Association of India Dhamtari unit was completed in Harfad Araud with gaiety. About forty km from Dhamtari, 29 members took part in this event. The members who returned after successfully participating in the trek said that it was a wonderful event in all respects; In which biking, trekking, boating, water fall and adventure were enjoyed together.Chairman Yogesh Gupta said that there were 18 new members in this event, who were thrilled to see the diverse beauty of nature for the first time under the banner of Youth Hostels. Senior member Hukum Chand Jain told that Dhamtari zone is a complete area full of natural beauty. Any person can enjoy the panoramic view of the rugged, inaccessible Vananchal, not alone but only by joining an organization like Youth Hostels.Senior member Dr. Shesh Narayan Chandrakar while sharing his experience said that we go out of Dhamtari for tourism, while our own area is full of immense possibilities of tourism.Mohanrao Ransingh, Mustafa Bhai, Ramesh Minni, Narendra Golchha, Venkatesh Sahu, Gopal Tamrakar, Ravi Krishnani, Amar Patel, Ghanshyam Sahu, Rudraksh Chandrakar, Sagar Kaushik, Vedprakash Sahu, Deepmala Sahu, Shubham Bhande Yadav, Ravi Krishnani, Amar Patel, All the participating members including Chitranshu Sinha, Purnendu Rajak played a commendable role.
11 2020-2021 15-08-2020 DHAMTARI Online Independence Day celebration 15.08.2020 Participants of Dhamtari Unit on behalf of Chhattisgarh State represented online Independence Day celebration and awarded 2nd Prize.
12 2019-2020 14-07-2020 DHAMTARI Monsoon Adventure Ride and Trek with Plantation at MAA Angarmatidhaam Tumabujurg 14.07.2020 Plantation of saplings in the presence of District Superintendent of Police and District Magistrate in Maa Angaramoti Dham Tumabujurg. Plantation was done by the life-long members of the unit and the members of the unit in the pious memory of their departed loved ones and family members. Willingness of day-long participation by the District Magistrate in the next tracking of the unit as a normal tracker in the manner of Youth Hostels as per the guidelines of the Youth Hostels.
13 2019-2020 01-07-2020 DHAMTARI Sapling Plantation in College with Collector,SP,and Mayor on 01.07.2020 Plantation of saplings in and around the grounds of B.C.S. Government Postgraduate College in the presence of Commissioner Municipal Corporation and District Magistrate and other dignitaries.
14 2019-2020 16-06-2020 DHAMTARI Flower seed plantation at Keshkaal Ghati on 16.06.2020 Spouting of flower seeds and planting of saplings in Keshkal Valley. Motto - Keshkal valley must be known as Valley of flowers (a dream)
15 2019-2020 17-03-2020 DHAMTARI Holi Celebration - 17.03.2020 Members and their families celebrated a get together on behalf of Holi & general assembly meeting for all to discuss about prevention for Corona, precautions, home remedies for increasing immunity. Doctors addressed the members about COVID and protection and suggested to be alert and help the Covid Warriors in time of necessary.
16 2019-2020 14-01-2020 DHAMTARI Treking cum Training in Jabra (Dugali, Nagari) 14.01.2020 One-day tracking cum training in Jabra (Dugali, Nagari) Dhamtari in the dense forest mountain with the participation of 40 members. Water sports and various sports events were organized in the local Kajal River.
17 2019-2020 02-11-2019 DHAMTARI Celebration of Diwali with family members & Participants of IYC get together 02.11.2019 Members and participants of International Youth Convention were welcomed for Diwali get together.
18 2019-2020 20-10-2019 DHAMTARI International Youth Convention New Delhi 15 20.10.2019 09 Youths represented International Youth Convention New Delhi. Awarded first place in overall performance and rangoli.
19 2019-2020 15-10-2019 DHAMTARI Sharadmahotsav cum Night Tracking in Bholapathar - 15.10.2019 Participants across the Dhamtari District joined Sharadmahotsav cum Night Tracking in Bholapathar. 75 participants joined the program. Cultural program was organized for the participants.
20 2019-2020 01-10-2019 DHAMTARI Cleanliness Campaign on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti - 02.10.2019 Cleanliness Campaign on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.
21 2019-2020 15-09-2019 DHAMTARI Cycle Rally to Protest Single Use Plastic - 15.09.2019 Cycle rally was organised under environmental protection committee to protest against polythene under the leadership of District Superintendent of Police and Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Dhamtari.
22 2019-2020 10-09-2019 DHAMTARI Hanuman Dhara Basikhai Dokal Monsoon Adventure Bike Tracking - 10.09.2019 Hanuman Dhara Basikhai Dokal Monsoon Adventure Bike Tracking. Forty participants participated.