SN Session Event Date UNIT Name EVENT Name Description
1 2021-2022 17-10-2021 BILASPUR One day trekking, training, boating & plantation program at KHUNTAGHAT near Ratanpur YHAI Bilaspur Ad-hoc unit CG state organised one day trekking training boating plantation program at KHUNTAGHAT near Ratanpur on 17th Oct 2021 . Program started with favous KARMA dance of Chhattisgarh, followed by a trek of 11km in dense forest. Around 50 participants joined the program. Team did plantation in the premises. Program ended with Boating for all the participants. Chief guest was Mr Atal Shrivastava , President, Tourism department CG state. He said that he will help and promote all YHAI activities in CG state. He is also YHAI LIFE MEMBER now. Participants from Bhilai , Bilaspur, Jagdalpur and Korba participated in the program. The program was organised under the leadership of Mr Shailesh Shukla, Convener Bilaspur unit CG State. State Chairman and State Secretary Sandeep Seth and K Subramanyam also participated in the program and had long discussion with President Tourism department for promoting YHAI activities and providing many new facilities for YHAI programs.
2 2021-2022 20-02-2021 BILASPUR 2D1N Trekking & Training program at ATR Bilaspur YHAI Bilaspur unit successfully organized Achanakmar Tiger Reserve Nature Study & Trekking Cum Training Program-2021. Around 62 participants including kids participated in the program. Youth Hostels Association of India, YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State organized 2D1N Achanakmar Trekking cum Training Program on 20-21 February 2021. Participants of Korba, Raipur, Bilaspur, Kawardha of Chhattisgarh State participated in the program. All the participants gathered at Baiga Resort Shivtarai by bus. After the meal, participants left for jungle safari where everyone saw animals like Bison, peacock, wild boar, rabbit, deer etc. On return, everyone participated in the campfire and cultural program. The detailed information of the first Dog Squad of Chhattisgarh State Wildlife was given by the trainer and how the Dog Squad worked in solving more than 19 criminal cases. Subsequently, the jungle trekking was done by everyone under the guidance of Bilaspur Unit Convenor Shailesh Shukla, Trekking Officer Mansoor Khan, Forest Guard of Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, and the certificate was distributed by the Chief Convervative of Forest Mr. IAtul Shukla . The participants were Raipur Unit President Sunil Visnoi, Raipur Chairman Shashank Moghe, Raipur Secretary Ashok Jhabak, State Chairman Sandeep Seth, Korba President Satish Shukla, actively participated in the programs along with others.
3 2020-2021 12-01-2021 BILASPUR YHAI Bilaspur Unit - Mega Blood Donation Camp on National Youth Day 12.01.2021 YHAI Bilaspur unit organised a mega Blood Donation Camp on National Youth Day 12.01.2021 at Blood Bank Bilaspur. Members and Non members participated in the program very actively.