SN Session Event Date UNIT Name EVENT Name Description
1 2023-2024 24-02-2024 BILASPUR Chaitanya Science and Arts College, Pamgarh, Chhattisgarh becomes institutional member of YHAI. Chaitanya Science and Arts College, Pamgarh, Chhattisgarh becomes institutional member of YHAI.YHAI CG state branch feels proud to announce one more Institutional Member [College – 5 Years] from CG State Branch. On behalf of CG State Branch, Vice President Shri Shailesh Shukla presented the Institutional Membership Card and Certificate to the Management Team on 24th Feb 2024. College Director Mr. Virendra Tiwari, Mrs. Garima Tiwari, Principal Dr. VK Gupta IQAC Coordinator Mr. Vivek Joglekar, Mr. Ashok Singh Yadav, Dr. Narendranath Guria, Mr. Nand Dadsena, N.S.S. in-charge Mr. Sanjay Baghel along with students and staff were present on the occassion.Shri Ashish Khandelwal streamlined the program. State Vice President Shailesh Shukla introduced YHAI and its activities to all the audience present. Ashish Khandelwal along with other management members said that very soon college students/staff will participate in YHAI National/State/ Unit programs. State President, Chairman, Secretary and other members congratulated the team for the effort.
2 2023-2024 31-01-2024 BILASPUR YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State welcomed Mr Robin Singh a cyclist of Etawah Uttar Pradesh. YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State welcomed Mr Robin Singh a cyclist of Etawah Uttar Pradesh.Mr. Robin Singh running a public awareness campaign, the Green India Movement from Etawah Uttar Pradesh, started his journey from Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu on 6 October 2022. His first phase is scheduled to conclude on 11 March 2024 in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. Covering 28,460 kms, 23 states in 482 day. On 31st Jan when he reached Bilaspur, he was welcomed by Youth Hostel of India Bilaspur unit at Rajiv Gandhi Chowk. On behalf of YHAI Bilaspur Unit President Dr. Bhaskar Chaurasia, State Vice President Shailesh Shukla, Mr. Kapoor Wasnik, Mr. Rohit Bargal, Mr. Akshay Alkari presented him a bouquet. “Green India” session was organised in Chhattisgarh Vidyalaya, a 100 years old educational institution where he shared his experiences among the children. Children were inspired by the topics like Plant trees, Conserve water and Say No to Plastic and Environmental Imbalance.
3 2023-2024 24-12-2023 BILASPUR YHAI Bilaspur unit CG State organised one day Devta Pahar- Pudu Trekking and Training Program on 24.12.2023 with 100+ participants. YHAI Bilaspur unit CG State organised one day Devta Pahar- Pudu Trekking and Training Program on 24.12.2023 with 100+ participants.One day program with more than 100 young trekkers participated in the program organised by Bilaspur unit at Pudu under the leadership of Unit Secretary Shailesh Shukla.The program started from Bilaspur city, was flagged off by the state patron and current MLA Shri Atal Srivastava. Program included young trekkers from different institutions namely Government Engineering College, Adharshila Vidya Mandir, J.P. Verma College etc. Many professors of Central University also participated in the program. This was the largest program in history of Bilaspur Unit in which 3 full buses and 6 four wheelers were used to shift the participants. Program included delicious breakfast, Lunch, Trekking of 8KM in lush green environment, games etc.Forest department members , Unit President Dr Bhaskar Chourasia, Unit Chairman CDR Sandeep Murarka, Mrs Nivedita Shukla, Samir Ahmed , Pankaj Panchaity, Satyabhama Awasthi, Mansoor Khan and Dr. Ajay Shrivastava were deeply involved in the program which resulted in a grand success.
4 2023-2024 27-09-2023 BILASPUR Youth Hostel Association of India, Bilaspur Unit Chhattisgarh State under the Slogan Platinum Jubilee Year of YHA India celebrated World Tourism Day with Chhattisgarh Tourism Board.(CTB) Youth Hostel Association of India, Bilaspur Unit Chhattisgarh State under the Slogan Platinum Jubilee Year of YHA India celebrated World Tourism Day with Chhattisgarh Tourism Board.(CTB) On July 17, 2022, YHAI and the Chhattisgarh Tourism Board inked an MoU. Since that time, YHAI, CG State Branch and CTB have continued to support one another by exchanging business. In the joint programme, which was held at Kurdar Resort in the midst of picturesque valleys, unit chairman CDR Sandeep Murarka discussed how tourism can create jobs. Mr. Mansoor Khan, the State EPC and Unit Joint Secretary, spoke about ecotourism. In his closing remarks to the audience, Dr. Ajay Srivastava stated that YHAI and CTB collaborate to promote activities. He also inspired the young people and emphasised the future potential of tourism.State Vice President Shailesh Shukla coordinated the YHAI Bilaspur team and informed that Ratanpur Mahamaya School Students, Sarpanch, Kurdar villagers, officials of the Forest Department, members of several Belgahna, Ratanpur, and Tourism Board organizations participated in the event.At the conclusion, everyone took oath promising to maintain cleanliness and practice caution when travelling.
5 2023-2024 16-08-2023 BILASPUR YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State on the occasion of 76th anniversary of independence organized a Debate in the Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Bilaspur. YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State on the occasion of 76th anniversary of independence organized a Debate in the Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Bilaspur.Bilaspur Unit along with Progressive Writers' Association, organized the debate on the topic "Present Conditions and Youth of the Country". Adv Divya Jaiswal, Vice President of District Advocates Association and Professor Dr. Alka Yadav were present.Discussion was held in the topics POCSO Act, the legal aspects of human trafficking, as well as the solution to the problem of the juvenile class. School Students and Staff were present in the program along with the Principal Gayatri Tiwari.The program was coordinated by Senior YHAI Member Ms. Satyabhama Awasthi. The introduction of YHAI was given by Secretary Shailesh. The memorandum of thanks was given by Dr. Bhaskar Chaurasia, President of YHI Bilaspur.
6 2023-2024 19-06-2023 BILASPUR YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State celebrated Reader's Day in the memory of PN Panicker (Father of Library Movement) YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State celebrated Reader's Day in the memory of PN Panicker (Father of Library Movement).Members Distributed Interesting Books like Panchatantra, Champak, Hitopdesh, Tenaliram etc. to Children and established library at Anand Marg School, Devnagar, Koni, Bilaspur. While establishing a library in the school, Yhai's Bilaspur President Dr. Bhaskar Chaurasia encouraged the children to read books. Retired CDR Sandeep Murarka, Chairman of the unit, informed the children about the preparation for defense service and the importance of knowledge gained from books, Secretary Shailesh Shukla encouraged the children and said that education gives the essence of life and we become partners in the development of the country. It is very important for all of us to get the best education. Director of Anand Marg School, Acharya Chitprabhananand, Principal Rajesh Kumar Gupta, along with a large number of teachers and students and members of YHAI Shailesh Shukla, Mansoor Khan, DP Singh etc. were present.
7 2023-2024 05-06-2023 BILASPUR YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State and State EPC Member Mansoor Khan initiated the campaign to promote the use of paper bags on the occasion of World Environment Day. YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State Under the guidance of Deputy Director of Achanakmar Tiger Reserve and State EPC Member Mansoor Khan initiated the campaign to promote the use of paper bags for environmental protection in rural Village Lamani on the occasion of World Environment Day. Explaining the harm caused by plastic bags and its effect on their cattle, they were told to ban its use. Pamphlets were distributed to the villagers for the awareness and measures to be taken to prevent when elephants enters the Village. Junior members Ms Shivi, Master Gaurang, Ms Shivika (School Students) went to local rural shops and distributed paper bags. YHAI Members who actively participated in the program are Devendra Barik, Sandeep Agarwal, Shailesh Shukla.
8 2022-2023 15-01-2023 BILASPUR YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State organised 1D T&T program at Madku Dweep, Bilaspur on 15th Jan 2023 YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State organised 1D T&T program at Madku Dweep, Bilaspur on 15th Jan 2023 Madku dweep has a natural beauty in the form of island, is very ancient delightful place, as it is divided into two parts of the river Shivnath river. There are ancient Shiva temples and many architectural blocks on this island. Two very ancient Shiva temples of about 10th and 11th centuries are situated on this island. Around 95 members participated in the program from various units Korba, Bhilai, Raipur, Jagdalpur including Bilaspur. A trek of approx 9.5 KM was covered. The Program Included Trekking, Process of doing Natural Farming, making Wormi-compost, Delicious breakfast, Lunch, Evening Tea & Snacks, Boating, Visiting Temples at Madku Dweep, Sua Dance followed by Certificate Distribution. The team members Shailesh Shukla , Bhaskar Chourasia, Mansoor Khan , Satyabhama Madam, CDR Sandeep Murarka, Yash Mishra and Samir Ahmed were involved from Bilaspur Unit to make the program a Grand Success. Other State officials who were present in the program included Sandeep Seth, K Subramanyam, Satish Shukla, Rahul Gupta, D B Subba, Shailendra Namdeo and Manoj Mishra. State President Sunil Vishnoi Congratulated the team on the completion of a successful program.
9 2022-2023 20-11-2022 BILASPUR 2D1N T&T Program at Amadob and Kabir Chabutra , Amarkantak YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State organized 2D1N Trekking & Training program at Kabir Chabutra & Amadob (Amarkantak) on 19th & 20th Nov 2022. Around 40 members participated in the program.Program included 6KM Trek in the dense forest - buffer area of ATR, Nature Trail, Narmada Aarti at Amarkantak, Doodh Dhara, Camp Fire and Games etc. Stay arrangement was made at CGTB Resorts. The program was conducted under the supervision of Unit President Mr. Bhaskar Chaurasia, Secretary Shailesh Shukla and Org Secretary Mansoor Khan. Unit Chairman CDR Sandeep Murarka and State Chairman Mr. Sandeep Seth streamlined the whole program and were well supported by Vice President Samir Ahmed and Devendra Barik. CDR Sandeep Murarka organized few games for all age groups which were very interesting and members were happy to take part in the program. Program Ended with Certificate distribution to all the participants.State Chairman Sandeep Seth congratulated the whole team for the successful completion of the program.
10 2022-2023 02-10-2022 BILASPUR International Cycling by Chandan Samazder A life member from YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State Mr. Chandan Samazder ji left for Nepal on a cycle journey today on 2nd Oct 2022. Chairman of CG Tourism Board Shri Atal Shrivastava ji flag off his journey.YHAI Bilaspur unit presented him a T Shirt and Indian flag. Life member's batch was given by the State Branch of Chhattisgarh.In this occasion Unit Chairman CDR (Ret) Sandeep Murarka , Vice President Harprasad Sahu , Unit Secretary Shailesh Shukla and other members Mrs. Satyabhama Awasthi, Anirudh Agarwal, Pankaj Panchayati, Dr. Ajay Srivastava, Mansoor Khan, Akshay Jain, Manish Jaiswal, Manish Rohra were present. CG State wishes him best of journey .Today Chandan ji's night stay will be in Pendra.In his campaign, as a member of YHAI, he has the intention of giving a presentation on SELF DEFENCE & the usefulness of KARATE to females. He also wants to motivate the youth for youth activities.Taking the message of Indo-Nepal Friendship, Shri Chandan Samazder left for Nepal on 2 October 2022. His journey will start from Bilaspur and reach Nepal via Pendra, crossing Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.During the visit, he will also create awareness about Thalassemia disease and will help in its prevention by generating funds for this.YHAI CG State Wishes Him a Best of Journey.
11 2022-2023 05-06-2022 BILASPUR Painting Competition on the Environment Day 2022 On the occasion of World Environment Day, a children's painting competition was organized on the topic of contribution of chital in nature conservation under the joint aegis of YHAI, Forest Department and NBA in village Bagbudwa district Mungeli.After leaving at 6 o'clock in the morning, members reached Bagbudwa village where chital (spotted deer) resides. Situated between two rivers, Matiyari and Agar, this area once used to be a dense forest, now only the desolate ebb is visible. There is a large number of chital here, which live in small deserted areas and fields.With their protection, the process of planting trees again will be started in this area, which will be helpful in bringing back the greenery here.For this the purpose of today's program was to prepare the new generation here. By motivating the children through painting, they have to be prepared for environmental protection. Beginning of a new era.
12 2022-2023 05-06-2022 BILASPUR Cyclying Program on World Environment Day 2022 The members of YHAI Bilaspur also participated in cycling organized by Smart City Municipal Corporation Bilaspur on World Cycling Day, this was an event carrying the message of cleanliness and health.
13 2022-2023 15-05-2022 BILASPUR Heritage Cycling program - Phase-III YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State organised it's third phase Heritage Cycling program today (15 May 2022) from Burgess School following the Jail route via Idgah Chowk to Masanganj, Link Road to Masonic Hall then via Tarbahar, Old Church of Railway area, Bengali Association Kali Bari, North East Institute, Railway Station, European Club, Disciple next to Burgess School Ended up in the Church of Christ.Along with cycling, the history of these buildings was also cherished in the journey. Persons involved in the program was Mr Shailesh Shukla, Mr Mansoor Khan, Mr. Bhaskar Chourasia and Commander Sandeep Murarka along with other participants.
14 2022-2023 08-05-2022 BILASPUR Heritage Cycling Program -Phase - II Youth Hostels Association of India Bilaspur unit CG State organised Bilaspur Heritage Cycling Expedition's second phase on Sunday 8th May 2022. Madam Satyabhama flag off the event at 6AM from the collectorate historical building. She is a well known senior social worker and a very senior YHAI member. Around 45 members participated in the Heritage program Know your Bilaspur. The route covered heritage monuments and buildings which includes old temples , masjid , bridges etc. The event ended at Burgess School from where 3rd phase of the Heritage Cycling will Start on 15th May ( next weak) . Mr Bhaskar Chourasia, Commander Murarka, Shailesh Shukla, Mansoor Khan were deeply involved to make the program a grand success. State Chairman and Secretary congratulated the Bilaspur team for the successful program.
15 2022-2023 06-05-2022 BILASPUR International Cycling : Bilaspur to Nepal Bilaspur to Nepal Cycling. Theme : SAFE INDIA, SAVE ENVIRONMENT, ADOPT CYCLE. Mr. Santosh Gupta, 39 years old, teacher by profession and a member of YHAI, Bilaspur Un it CG State is on his way to Nepal with a slogan Safe India, Save Environment, Adopt Cycle. Earlier he has covered 23,800 Kms in fifteen months. Now in summer vacation he is travelling to and fro from Bilaspur(Chhattisgarh) to Nepal , approx. 3000 kms. Mr. Santosh Gupta is posted in primary school SALFA, which is 27 kms far away from Bilaspur. Mr. Gupta already covered Dongargarh, Chilipi, Sarodha, Dadar, Sambalpur (Odisha), Chaiturgarh and Achanakmar. Now his vision is to cover Kashmir to Kanyakumari and Golden Triangle and to motivate / educate the public about the benefits of cycling.Santosh Gupta was honored by Shri Atal Shrivastava, President of Chhattisgarh Tourism Board and Patron of Bilaspur Unit in honor of successful cycling journey from Bilaspur to Nepal with the message of environmental protection.
16 2022-2023 01-05-2022 BILASPUR Heritage Cycling Program -Phase - I YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State organised Heritage Cycling program in 3 phase. Lets discover the hidden heritage of our city.First journey started on 30th April at 3:45 pm from Collectorate Bilaspur. In the first phase, 40 kilometers of cycling to Dalha mountain. In the second phase, starting from the collectorate at 6 am on May 8, knowing the heritage of some Bilaspur through various routes, it will end in the church next to GDC, the distance is about 9 km. The third phase will start from the church on May 15 at 6 am and will end at Nehru Chowk, the distance is about 12 km. Program is organised under the leadership of unit President Dr. Bhaskar Chourasia and Unit Secretary Shailesh Shukla. State members congratulated the bilaspur team.
17 2021-2022 17-10-2021 BILASPUR One day trekking, training, boating & plantation program at KHUNTAGHAT near Ratanpur YHAI Bilaspur Ad-hoc unit CG state organised one day trekking training boating plantation program at KHUNTAGHAT near Ratanpur on 17th Oct 2021 . Program started with favous KARMA dance of Chhattisgarh, followed by a trek of 11km in dense forest. Around 50 participants joined the program. Team did plantation in the premises. Program ended with Boating for all the participants. Chief guest was Mr Atal Shrivastava , President, Tourism department CG state. He said that he will help and promote all YHAI activities in CG state. He is also YHAI LIFE MEMBER now. Participants from Bhilai , Bilaspur, Jagdalpur and Korba participated in the program. The program was organised under the leadership of Mr Shailesh Shukla, Convener Bilaspur unit CG State. State Chairman and State Secretary Sandeep Seth and K Subramanyam also participated in the program and had long discussion with President Tourism department for promoting YHAI activities and providing many new facilities for YHAI programs.
18 2021-2022 20-02-2021 BILASPUR 2D1N Trekking & Training program at ATR Bilaspur YHAI Bilaspur unit successfully organized Achanakmar Tiger Reserve Nature Study & Trekking Cum Training Program-2021. Around 62 participants including kids participated in the program. Youth Hostels Association of India, YHAI Bilaspur Unit CG State organized 2D1N Achanakmar Trekking cum Training Program on 20-21 February 2021. Participants of Korba, Raipur, Bilaspur, Kawardha of Chhattisgarh State participated in the program. All the participants gathered at Baiga Resort Shivtarai by bus. After the meal, participants left for jungle safari where everyone saw animals like Bison, peacock, wild boar, rabbit, deer etc. On return, everyone participated in the campfire and cultural program. The detailed information of the first Dog Squad of Chhattisgarh State Wildlife was given by the trainer and how the Dog Squad worked in solving more than 19 criminal cases. Subsequently, the jungle trekking was done by everyone under the guidance of Bilaspur Unit Convenor Shailesh Shukla, Trekking Officer Mansoor Khan, Forest Guard of Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, and the certificate was distributed by the Chief Convervative of Forest Mr. IAtul Shukla . The participants were Raipur Unit President Sunil Visnoi, Raipur Chairman Shashank Moghe, Raipur Secretary Ashok Jhabak, State Chairman Sandeep Seth, Korba President Satish Shukla, actively participated in the programs along with others.
19 2020-2021 12-01-2021 BILASPUR YHAI Bilaspur Unit - Mega Blood Donation Camp on National Youth Day 12.01.2021 YHAI Bilaspur unit organised a mega Blood Donation Camp on National Youth Day 12.01.2021 at Blood Bank Bilaspur. Members and Non members participated in the program very actively.