SN Session Event Date UNIT Name EVENT Name Description
1 2022-2023 24-06-2022 BHILAI Ride to Leh-Laddakh by YHAI Members for National Unity
2 2022-2023 21-06-2022 BHILAI International Yoga Day Celebration by CG State Jointly with Bhilai Unit International Yoga Day Celebration by CG State Jointly with Bhilai Unit
3 2022-2023 14-06-2022 BHILAI Award Ceremony on the occasion of World Blood Donation Day Governor Ms. Anusuiya Uikey Honored our member Mr. Raj Adatiya, founder member of Navdrishti Foundation, in the Voluntary Blood Donor Award program organized by the Indian Red Cross Society Chhattisgarh branch.On this occasion Amrit Khalko Chairman Indian Red Cross Society, Pranav Singh Chief Secretary Indian Red Cross Society, Sudeep Srivastava State Consultant Indian Red Cross Society, were especially present. Mr. Raj Adatiya said that I am overwhelmed to find similarity in Raj Bhavan.For this prestigious award, I am grateful for the cooperation of our organization Navdrishti Foundation, my family, YHAI and the Blood Donors of the District, who encouraged us from time to time and inspired us to donate and work for the needy one round the clock.
4 2022-2023 05-06-2022 BHILAI Sapling Plantation by Bhilai Unit on World Environment Day Youth Hostels Association of India Bhilai Unit planted saplings / plants at Seth Ratanchand Surana College Durg on the occasion of World Environment Day. This episode of social consciousness is the B.P.Ed of Surana College, Durg. Entire program was organized with the joint efforts of Students, District Advocates Association and members of Badminton Club Durg.Rishikant Tiwari, President of Youth Hostels Association of India Bhilai Unit said that shady and fruit-bearing plants of various species including Peepal, Mango, Jamun, Neem, Kadamba were planted. According to Chairman K Subramanyam, the people present on this occasion also took a pledge to protect the environment. He informed about the more intensive tree plantation campaign by the Youth Hostels in the monsoon session.Secretary Rajesh Mahadik stressed on environmental protection and social commitment by connecting more and more people to Youth Hostels. He laid special emphasis on membership / Institutional membership to increase the number of members. Senior member Subodh Dewangan gave information about one-day trekking cum training camp and monsoon bike adventure trekking in the upcoming monsoon session in the upcoming plan.On this occasion of environmental consciousness and social concern, K. V. R. Murthy, Prashant Joshi, Prakash Dhindore, Neeraj Rathore, Almas, Tarakeswar Sahu, Paras Mahobia, Abhay Tiwari, Dhanendrakant Chandel and other advocates, members of badminton club and students of B.P.Ed of Surana College were present. There was active participation of the students.
5 2022-2023 05-06-2022 BHILAI Sapling Plantation on World Environment Day by Institutional Member SSPU Sri Shankaracharya Professional University Bhilai also under the guidance of Dr. Rajshree Naidu (Assistant Professor) Akhil, Khushi Gupta, Koran, Khushi Nayak, Abhishek and other students took care of trees and by planting more saplings. Committed to promotion. Sri Shankaracharya Professional University is an Institutional Member of the Youth Hostels of India, Bhilai.
6 2022-2023 10-05-2022 BHILAI Clothes Distribution to the needies by Bhilai Unit Under the joint aegis of Youth Hostels Association of India Chhattisgarh State Branch and Bhilai Unit, unused clothes were distributed among the needy on 5th June 2022 in front of Sector 09 Hospital Main Gate. These clothes were collected by the members and public cooperation.Sandeep Seth, State Chairman said that such events are regular from time to time inspired by the social concern and humanitarian responsibility of the Youth Hostels. According to State Secretary K. Subramanyam, a section of the society is still deprived of basic amenities of life. In that class, if we can cooperate by showing our sensitivity and heart, then we feel mental happiness. This is our social reward and response.Bhilai Unit President Rishikant Tiwari said that the needy proletarians of all age groups were very happy to receive clothes. According to senior member Pankaj Mehta, Youth Hostels keeps on organizing programs like Environmental Awareness, Plantations, Blood Donation, Public Cleanliness, Anti-Polythene Campaign in the context of their social responsibilities. There was active participation of other members including Fanish Dwivedi, K.Sindhu, K. Stuti, Subodh Devangan, Omkumari Devangan.
7 2021-2022 21-09-2021 BHILAI Peace for Sleep" YHAI Bhilai Unit jointly with CG state branch participated in International Peace Day on 21st September 2021 and distributes meals to the needy childrens. Yhai Bhilai Unit along with CG state branch also participated in the program Peace For Sleep.Food was directly served to the small childrens on the international day of peace. The program was organised at Residential Nayandeep Vidya Mandir Blind School, New Civic Center , Bhilai. Mr. K Subramanyam Bhilai Unit Secretary along with other members Mr. Sanjay Kumar (GM,URM,BSP), B.R.Lanjhare (Executive, BSP), Mr. Satyanarayan Dhal(Manager,URM, BSP) Mr. Prabir Sarkar, Mr. Sudip Mondal, Mr. Tanmoy Maity were present in the program.
8 2020-2021 08-08-2022 BHILAI Mangatta Trekking cum Sight Seeing YHAI Bhilai Unit Jointly with Embrooh School, Nehru Nagar organized one day adventure activity cum cum sight seeing or Students of Nursry School first time in History.