SN Session UNIT Name EVENT Name Description
33 2020-2021 RAIPUR Plantation Drive - 19.08.2020 Members Organized "Intensive Plantation Program” at Bhatagaon, on the banks of the Kharun River, Raipur. Members planted around 45 saplings of Neem, Jackfruit, Sugar Apple, Mulberry, Indian Blackberry, Tamarind, Guava & various other saplings. Members present were Mr. Sunil Vishnoi, CA. Sashank Moghe, CA. Ashok Jhabak, Mr. Varun Jain, Mr. Sagar Jain, Mr. Mahendra Pansari, Mr. B C S Naidu. Mr. Rajesh Khare & many more. Program was led by Mr. Sunil Vishnoi, National Council Member. Mr. Vishnoi welcomed the gathering and exchanged his views about the plantation and suggested the members to pass on the message of plantation to down the line, which is very much necessary in today’s era. CA. Sashank Moghe, Chairman expressed his views by suggesting the members to maintain social distancing and wearing a mask, without which it is not possible to organize or conduct activities or gatherings as per the Government norms, hence it must be followed strictly. Finally at the end of the program CA. Ashok Jhabak given vote of thanks and requested the members present to come forward with more and members and online activities during this session.
32 2020-2021 RAIPUR Trekking Cum Training Program at Ranidhara Chilpi Ghati – 28th & 29th December 2019 Participants started from Raipur Shankar Nagar Chowk at 7 am on 28.12.2019 and reached Ranidhara Chilpi around 11 am, there training was given to all the participants about environment protection, safety measurements and discipline by Chairman CA. Shashank Moghe, Secretary CA. Ashok Jhabak. Especially all new participants were requested to learn to pitch tents, there after acclimatization and, in night, camp fire was organized. On 29th morning all assembled at 6 am and went for 12 Kms track with a nature beauty, crossing water falls etc. and reached back to base camp around 4 pm and departed to their destination (Raipur at 9 pm). Participants were from Raipur, Bhilai and surroundings.
27 2019-2020 RAIPUR Environment Protection : Cycle Rally Cycle rally started around 6 am with a Slogan “Environment Protection - Stay Fit & Keep Raipur Clean”. Fifty participants attended the same and travelled 22 Kms. Participants started cycling from Pachmadi Chowk and finished at Marine Drive, Telibadha. Participants covered the inner core zone of the Raipur City.