SN Session Event Date UNIT Name EVENT Name Description
1 2021-2022 06-03-2022 RAIPUR Heritage cycling program by Raipur Unit CG State 06.03.2022 You Tube Link
2 2021-2022 06-03-2022 RAIPUR Heritage cycling program by Raipur Unit CG State 06.03.2022 YHAI Raipur UNIT CG state organised 20 KM Heritage cycling program today on 6th March 2022. On the way they covered Kailashpuri Heritage, Duddhadhari math, Bajranjbali Temple , Hatkeshwar Temple, Mahadev Ghat and Swami Vivekananda Statue.Delicious breakfast was given at the end of the program to all the participants. Around 35 members participated in the Program. The program was organised under the leadership of Shri Sunil Vishnoi, Ashok Jhabak and Shashank Moghe.
3 2021-2022 24-12-2021 RAIPUR 3D2N State Camp at SATRENGA, Korba from 24 to 26 Dec 2021 Amrit Mahotsav program concluded under the joint aegis of Youth Hostel Association and Forest Department Korba Korba DFO Priyanka Pandey was the chief guest! YHAI 3D2N State Camp jointly with Raipur Unit and Forest Department Korba concluded successfully. Korba DFO Priyanka Pandey was the chief guest! Youth Hostel Association of India Chhattisgarh State's 3-day trekking and training program under the joint aegis of Forest Department, Korba, concluded on 26th December at Satrenga. About 80 participants from Raipur, Korba, Raigad, Bilaspur, Kawardha districts participated in this tracking and training program under the leadership of state chairman Sandeep Seth. On the first day of the program on 24th, the participants were aclimitized (5 KM), and trained to fix up of tents. Next day Boating was done for 90 minutes followed by Clean Drive program at Satrenga in collaboration with the Forest Department. 4 sacks of garbage were collected. Later a 1400 year old Sal tree was shown. Then the panoramic trek of Rani Jharna was done under the leadership of Subba, Vikas and Rahul in collaboration with the Forest Department, which was a trek of about 9 KM.While returning from Rani Jharna, the entire trek was cleaned by the team and 6 bags of garbage were removed. On the second day also, camp fire was done again in the night. On the last day of the program everyone was taken to Devpahari. Everyone enjoyed a lot in this program of Youth Hostel because in the 3 day program everyone enjoyed cleanliness drive, trekking, boating, camping, campfire, jungle trekking, bird watching under Amrit Festival (75 years of Independence). Korba DFO Mrs. Priyanka Pandey was the chief guest at the conclusion of the program. She presented certificates to all the participants. Mrs. Priyanka Pandey told how harmful carbon emissions are for all of us. Priyanka Pandey appealed to the youth and told how its emissions can be reduced. State Chairman of Youth Hostel Sandeep Seth presented a memento while thanking the chief guest. Unit President Mr. Satish Shukla had a special contribution in making this program successful.Along with this, Tracking Officer Vikas Patel and Rahul Gupta led the entire track. EPC Shailendra Namdev, Shailesh Shukla, Sunil Vishnoi, Ashok Jhabak, Shashank Moghe, Mansoor Khan, Dr. Nishant Agarwal, Dhanbahadur Subba did commendable work in making the program a success.
4 2021-2022 14-11-2021 RAIPUR Training to fix a tent for camping on 14.11.2021 YHAI Raipur unit CG State organised a programme "Training to fix a tent for Camping" at Sapre School Ground, Raipur. Many members had participated in the programme & enrich their knowledge about fixing the tent. Complete training was given how to unfold, fix and then fold the tent in its original form. Team leaders present were (Shri) Sunil Vishnoi, Shasank Moghe, Vimal Srivas, Mahendra Pansari, Durgashankar Parganiha, BCS Naidu, Rajesh Khare, Atal Singh Hanspal, Anil Jain, Sameer Moghe, Tarun Nayak, Dilip Verma, Raghu Nirmalkar, Mithun Taparia, Sanjiv Gadgil, Rajendra Vaishnav along with many other members. State Chairman and Secretary congratulated the entire team for organising successful program.
5 2021-2022 26-09-2021 RAIPUR Two wheeler rally from Raipur to Gajpalla Raipur unit of YHAI has successfully completed the two wheeler rally from Raipur to Gajpalla (80 km.) with 16 bikers on 26.09.21. Thanks to all participants & all well wishers for you all motivations.
6 2021-2022 24-07-2021 RAIPUR YHAI Raipur Unit CG State had an intensive plantation program today on 24.07.2021 YHAI Raipur Unit CG State had an intensive plantation program today on 24.07.2021. Unit organised the program in Teen Dham Temple, Mathpurena, Sheetla Talab were the members planted about 55 to 60 saplings of Mango, Jamun, Mulberry, Neem, Peepal, Banyan, Guava, Jackfruit, Phalsa, Moonga, Amla, Karonda etc. All the unit stake holders and other active members of the unit were present in the program namely President Mr. Sunil Vishnoi, Chairman Mr. Shashank Moghe, Secretary Ashok Kumar Jhabak, Treasurer Mr. Varun Jain, Mr. Naidu, Mr. Dilip Verma, Mr. Mahendra Pansari, Mr. Vimal Srivas, Mr. Rajesh Khare and Mr. Tarun Nayak. State Chairman Sandeep Seth and Secretary Mr. K. Subramanyam congratulated to all the members and volunteers of Raipur unit for doing the noble and needy work for the society.
7 2021-2022 20-02-2021 RAIPUR 2D1N Trekking & Training program at ATR Bilaspur YHAI Raipur unit successfully organized Achanakmar Tiger Reserve Nature Study & Trekking Cum Training Program-2021. Around 62 participants including kids participated in the program. Youth Hostels Association of India, YHAI Raipur Unit CG State organized 2D1N Achanakmar Trekking cum Training Program on 20-21 February 2021. Participants of Korba, Raipur, Bilaspur, Kawardha of Chhattisgarh State participated in the program. All the participants gathered at Baiga Resort Shivtarai by bus. After the meal, participants left for jungle safari where everyone saw animals like Bison, peacock, wild boar, rabbit, deer etc. On return, everyone participated in the campfire and cultural program. The detailed information of the first Dog Squad of Chhattisgarh State Wildlife was given by the trainer and how the Dog Squad worked in solving more than 19 criminal cases. Subsequently, the jungle trekking was done by everyone under the guidance of Mansoor Khan, Shailesh Shukla and Forest Guard of Achanakmar Tiger Reserve, and the certificate was distributed by the Chief Convervative of Forest Mr. IAtul Shukla . The program was led by Raipur Unit President Sunil Visnoi, Raipur Chairman Shashank Moghe, Raipur Secretary Ashok Jhabak, State Chairman Sandeep Seth, Korba President Satish Shukla, actively participated in the programs along with others.
8 2020-2021 19-08-2020 RAIPUR Plantation Drive - 19.08.2020 Members Organized "Intensive Plantation Program” at Bhatagaon, on the banks of the Kharun River, Raipur. Members planted around 45 saplings of Neem, Jackfruit, Sugar Apple, Mulberry, Indian Blackberry, Tamarind, Guava & various other saplings. Members present were Mr. Sunil Vishnoi, CA. Sashank Moghe, CA. Ashok Jhabak, Mr. Varun Jain, Mr. Sagar Jain, Mr. Mahendra Pansari, Mr. B C S Naidu. Mr. Rajesh Khare & many more. Program was led by Mr. Sunil Vishnoi, National Council Member. Mr. Vishnoi welcomed the gathering and exchanged his views about the plantation and suggested the members to pass on the message of plantation to down the line, which is very much necessary in today’s era. CA. Sashank Moghe, Chairman expressed his views by suggesting the members to maintain social distancing and wearing a mask, without which it is not possible to organize or conduct activities or gatherings as per the Government norms, hence it must be followed strictly. Finally at the end of the program CA. Ashok Jhabak given vote of thanks and requested the members present to come forward with more and members and online activities during this session.
9 2019-2020 15-01-2020 RAIPUR Environment Protection : Cycle Rally Cycle rally started around 6 am with a Slogan “Environment Protection - Stay Fit & Keep Raipur Clean”. Fifty participants attended the same and travelled 22 Kms. Participants started cycling from Pachmadi Chowk and finished at Marine Drive, Telibadha. Participants covered the inner core zone of the Raipur City.
10 2020-2021 28-12-2019 RAIPUR Trekking Cum Training Program at Ranidhara Chilpi Ghati – 28th & 29th December 2019 Participants started from Raipur Shankar Nagar Chowk at 7 am on 28.12.2019 and reached Ranidhara Chilpi around 11 am, there training was given to all the participants about environment protection, safety measurements and discipline by Chairman CA. Shashank Moghe, Secretary CA. Ashok Jhabak. Especially all new participants were requested to learn to pitch tents, there after acclimatization and, in night, camp fire was organized. On 29th morning all assembled at 6 am and went for 12 Kms track with a nature beauty, crossing water falls etc. and reached back to base camp around 4 pm and departed to their destination (Raipur at 9 pm). Participants were from Raipur, Bhilai and surroundings.