SN Session UNIT Name EVENT Name Description
42 2020-2021 DHAMTARI Online Independence Day celebration 15.08.2020 Participants of Dhamtari Unit on behalf of Chhattisgarh State represented online Independence Day celebration and awarded 2nd Prize.
41 2020-2021 DHAMTARI Holi Celebration - 17.03.2020 Members and their families celebrated a get together on behalf of Holi & general assembly meeting for all to discuss about prevention for Corona, precautions, home remedies for increasing immunity. Doctors addressed the members about COVID and protection and suggested to be alert and help the Covid Warriors in time of necessary.
40 2020-2021 DHAMTARI Treking cum Training in Jabra (Dugali, Nagari) 14.01.2020 One-day tracking cum training in Jabra (Dugali, Nagari) Dhamtari in the dense forest mountain with the participation of 40 members. Water sports and various sports events were organized in the local Kajal River.
38 2020-2021 DHAMTARI Celebration of Diwali with family members & Participants of IYC get together 02.11.2019 Members and participants of International Youth Convention were welcomed for Diwali get together.
37 2020-2021 DHAMTARI International Youth Convention New Delhi 15 20.10.2019 09 Youths represented International Youth Convention New Delhi. Awarded first place in overall performance and rangoli.
36 2020-2021 DHAMTARI Sharadmahotsav cum Night Tracking in Bholapathar - 15.10.2019 Participants across the Dhamtari District joined Sharadmahotsav cum Night Tracking in Bholapathar. 75 participants joined the program. Cultural program was organized for the participants.
35 2020-2021 DHAMTARI Cleanliness Campaign on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti - 02.10.2019 Cleanliness Campaign on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.
34 2020-2021 DHAMTARI Cycle Rally to Protest Single Use Plastic - 15.09.2019 Cycle rally was organised under environmental protection committee to protest against polythene under the leadership of District Superintendent of Police and Commissioner, Municipal Corporation Dhamtari.
31 2020-2021 DHAMTARI Hanuman Dhara Basikhai Dokal Monsoon Adventure Bike Tracking - 10.09.2019 Hanuman Dhara Basikhai Dokal Monsoon Adventure Bike Tracking. Forty participants participated.
30 2020-2021 DHAMTARI Monsoon Adventure Ride and Trek with Plantation at MAA Angarmatidhaam Tumabujurg 14.07.2020 Plantation of saplings in the presence of District Superintendent of Police and District Magistrate in Maa Angaramoti Dham Tumabujurg. Plantation was done by the life-long members of the unit and the members of the unit in the pious memory of their departed loved ones and family members. Willingness of day-long participation by the District Magistrate in the next tracking of the unit as a normal tracker in the manner of Youth Hostels as per the guidelines of the Youth Hostels.
29 2019-2020 DHAMTARI Flower seed plantation at Keshkaal Ghati on 16.06.2020 Spouting of flower seeds and planting of saplings in Keshkal Valley. Motto - Keshkal valley must be known as Valley of flowers (a dream)
28 2019-2020 DHAMTARI Sapling Plantation in College with Collector,SP,and Mayor on 01.07.2020 Plantation of saplings in and around the grounds of B.C.S. Government Postgraduate College in the presence of Commissioner Municipal Corporation and District Magistrate and other dignitaries.