Office Bearer

S No. Designation Name Contact No Email Id
1 President Durgashankar Pargania 7898987850
2 Vice President Vimal Srivas 9826415916
3 Vice President Dilip Verma 9407755936
4 Vice President Mahendra Pansari 9826559066
5 Chairman CA .Shashank Moghe 9425215330
6 Treasurer CA. Rajesh Rathi 9407715045
7 Secretary Ashok Kumar Jhabak 9425212510
8 Executive Member Dr. Pravin Chandrakar 9425216064
9 Executive Member CA. Sagar Jain 9755117060
10 Executive Member CA. Varun Mutha 9752018001
11 Executive Member Rahul Srivastava 9827111988
12 Executive Member Arvind Naidu 9300200332
13 Executive Member Anil Golechha 9425205497
14 Executive Member Dr. Alok Pal 7049645132
15 Executive Member Smt. Nilu Pargania 7898987850
16 Executive Member Smt. Rakhi Jhabak 9425212510
17 Executive Member Smt. Aparna Moghe 9425215330
18 Executive Member Ku. Priyam Khare 9893199395

What's New

New Units31-07-2017

Members interested in setting up new units at various Districts may contact State Branch.

State Level Trekking Programme31-08-2017

Units interested in organizing State Level Trekking Programme / other activities may place their proposal to State Branch.

Franchisee development - apply for Licensee Youth Hostel (LYH)31-08-2017

Some of the highlights of becoming a franchisee

Low Investment & High Returns

Good profile customers

Free National & International Publicity

Free online booking through YHAI website

50% membership share on each member you make